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Los Los - Macarena

for some reason, everytime a ceratin dj spins he plays songs that all have the same basic beat structure as the fucking macarena. i won't mention the absolutely hideous butchery of a eurhytmics song he ALWAYS plays- the discoduck version for homos who enjoy fan dancing. anyway, if we're going to be subjected to this crap we might as well have it on our terms- and the rest of you have to learn the goddamn dance because you know you itchin' to do it. so ,here's butch-er music than we'll ever get to hear in 'discodolly gothland, inc.' and the directions. practice because there will be a quiz the next time i see your sorry honky asses trying to dance.

Beat 01: R arm straight out - in front of you - PALM DOWN
Beat 02: L arm straight out - in front of you - PALM DOWN
Beat 03: R arm straight out - in front of you - PALM UP
Beat 04: L arm straight out - in front of you - PALM UP
Beat 05: R hand grasps inside of the L arm - at the ELBOW
Beat 06: L hand grasps inside of the R arm - at the ELBOW
Beat 07: R hand behind R - back of NECK
Beat 08: L hand behind L - back of NECK
Beat 09: R hand on L - front PANTS POCKET
Beat 10: L hand on R - front PANTS POCKET
Beat 11: R hand on R - back PANTS POCKET
Beat 12: L hand on L - back PANTS POCKET
Beat 13: Move your rump to the LEFT
Beat 14: Move your rump to the RIGHT
Beat 15: Move your rump to the LEFT
Beat 16: CLAP and turn 90 degrees to the RIGHT
REPEAT all 16 beats

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I danced to the macarena in junior high school for our graduation. And the tootsie roll. I was one of three white girls doing it. Needless to say I had to be hidden in the back, ha!

i was djing a lot when it came out and the fucking annoying lesbians were way into it...i used to play nirvana afterward to show my displeasure but they just pogoed along as if nothing changed.

i hate group dances. it was the electric slide before that. you pretty much have to do the electric slide at a black wedding.and when' hairspray' came out everyone (white)wanted to do the madison.

I really hate that butchered version of the Eurythmics...

Right up there with a Front 242 - Headhunter and Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl mashup. (WRONG WRONG WRONG)

It is a pretty commonly known phenomenon that if you mix good with crap you generally get crap.

'straight 'goth vogeing gay/take it to the graveyard

that hollaback girl always just mad me furious everytime i heard it-i just loathed it so-almost an irrational amount.

the disco eurythmics sounds EXACTLY like a house song for vogueing called Runway(" runway as in house/runway as in house/ butch queen vogueing femme/butch queen vogueing femme/take it to the runway") by robbie tronco. nyc gay/bitch house from the early 90s.

anyway i kind of like these crazy mexican bastards doing marcerana.at least they rawk.

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