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hit that perfect beat-francis grasso or what a real dj does and ends up working construction instead
the man invented beat mixing and slip queing as we know it. or don't know it for that matter because no one still seems to value what it is he did. most sadly don't think it worth learning. he left djing because club owners generally suck , the music industry sucks. it eats people up and spits them out. oh and people , the audience, seems less able to appreciate true talent- thinking they and their ipod could do a better job. no patience and no taste and no ability to recognize and honor the special gifts of others is a pretty shallow selfish way to go through life. ignorant. please stop sharing the 'ignunce'.

francis grasso died alone in his apartment, forgotten by the billion billion dollar club and dance music industry he helped create and give magical spirit to. this is a real dj and if someone could aspire to be even half of him we'd all be the better for it.


note the extra fabulous what looks like a Urei rotary dial mixer. the best as far as i'm concerned. oh what- no chicken ass hip hop slider cross cue . snort.

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Francis Grasso was the father of modern DJing. As the quote goes, "He did it for love and made less than the bartender."

It's also really funny to see one of these ipod DJs (or other DJs who shall remain nameless; suffice to say I'm not really friends with them) - who are all attitude, all physical beauty, who get up there and then cram music down people's throats in the nastiest way possible.

A lot of people forget that it's all about sharing, about bringing people up into the next level of being. You can't do that unless you're paying attention to the floor and putting yourself out there, finding what people are interested in and above all, interacting with eveyone.

I'm all about keepin' it real. Most motherfuckers today don't know jack shit. I've met some amazing dj's along the way. Believe me, I know a good dj when I hear one.

The way this man died was very sad, and it's nice of you to post this.

This really takes me back...

He was the real deal, Why can't other DJ's have half of the talent that he did? That man was THE ultimate mixmaster. I'm forever crushed. Instead they are driven to menial lives of oblivion masked deep in the trenches of a society that wouldn't know a REAL DJ if it bit them in the ass, and hit them over the head with a gaggle of frying pans.

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