mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

"Sylvester la reina de la musica disco"

damn right.ebm isn't man enough to lay down this funky godliness. his back up singers were two tons of fun or ,as most of you know them, the weather girls. one of the weather girls, martha walsh, and sylvester might be the 2 most influential female singers in dance music. yes, that's right i said female. amazingly brave for refusing to drop the drag and fly butch for record labels, sylvester was one of AIDS earlier high profile deaths.

he had impeccable music roots, having been a back up singer for patti labelle whose own band labelle was one of disco's big influences- being a bridge between traditional r and b to spacey rock and synth influenced funk( like parliment) that ultimately filled disco dance floors with the white people who had been missing from the earliest discoteque years when it's only followers were gay men and black people. there'd be no prince without a people who had grown up in the 60 and appreciated rock music as well as james brown and traditional r&b are the grandmothers and fathers of all house and techno music made today.

he covered both' southern man' by neil young and procol harum's' a whiter shade of pale'. and check out the fan action...mighty real.

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