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we don't have the technology
i feel like i'm wading through mud with rocks around my ankles. yes, my dsl modem died and rather than take my word for it they insist on appointments and ' technicians' and me having to look at someone's butt crack as they lean over my modem and say, ' oh the modem's shot..." just send me a fucking new one! so this is dial up. how odd to hear THAT sound after so long...

so i am home. we can't pick up persia's ashes because the pet crematory is not answering their phone. there's no day off from death i say....goddamn it!

i have limited dial up hours so i guess that's more time to clean....ugh. oh.

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(Deleted comment)
just like l ron hubbard it no longer has need for it's corporeal body....it blinks it's little LEDS at me but that's about it. i just want a new modem- i don't want these people in my house- ugh!!!!! my pussy cats don't need to see any but a carefully chosen selection of inferior humanity. theyre in mourning .. the last thing they need are glorified cable guys looking at thei rhigh class furs and lush pointed ears.

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