mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

don't touch me, baby...

Coil does the definitive version of an oft covered song and everyone around me was dying. this video looks like a northern renaissance painting.

subdued and horrifying all at once. it was a peculiar time in my life when this came out.

i'm more depressed than i imagined and my apartment feels so empty without her. just bringing her body out of the house plunged me into an orgy of grief and sadness. i know she was gone, no longer contained within that slight frame, but actually having to wrap and take her away and so definitively out of my life-it left me outrageously angry. i wanted to beat the shit out of someone- anyone- and i exploded at work and nearly took a door off it's hinges.

i shouldn't have been working. i needed, need, time off desperately but it was fucking valentine's day so i had to be there every day save the very day persia died. i am seriously considering a job change to pet mortician. lord knows i'll find it more fulfilling than baking with trolls. you actually have to go to the ends of the state to find a pet crematory-it's goddamn ridiculous. seriously, i think i would make an excellent kitty cat funeral director and i can at last buy a hearse and wear one of those top hats with black cloth trailing down the back. we allow ted kennedy within the boston city limits. i don't see where a pet oven is any worse and it's more environmentally friendly.
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