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don't touch me, baby...

Coil does the definitive version of an oft covered song and everyone around me was dying. this video looks like a northern renaissance painting.

subdued and horrifying all at once. it was a peculiar time in my life when this came out.

i'm more depressed than i imagined and my apartment feels so empty without her. just bringing her body out of the house plunged me into an orgy of grief and sadness. i know she was gone, no longer contained within that slight frame, but actually having to wrap and take her away and so definitively out of my life-it left me outrageously angry. i wanted to beat the shit out of someone- anyone- and i exploded at work and nearly took a door off it's hinges.

i shouldn't have been working. i needed, need, time off desperately but it was fucking valentine's day so i had to be there every day save the very day persia died. i am seriously considering a job change to pet mortician. lord knows i'll find it more fulfilling than baking with trolls. you actually have to go to the ends of the state to find a pet crematory-it's goddamn ridiculous. seriously, i think i would make an excellent kitty cat funeral director and i can at last buy a hearse and wear one of those top hats with black cloth trailing down the back. we allow ted kennedy within the boston city limits. i don't see where a pet oven is any worse and it's more environmentally friendly.

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we allow ted kennedy within the boston city limits i don't see where a pet oven is anyworse

I think a pet oven is way better.

yeah and even the one you can fit horses in takes up less real estate than old 'skipper' kennedy.

seriously- move back here and we'll open ' dead pets r us'. how many homos within a 10 mile radius of boston would pay the big dollahs for their animal chillens to go beyond the veil with the style and dignity only we can fucking summon up ...i gots the fucking class all over me sos i'm all itchy with it.

apparently the good cities of cambridge and boston dont mind child rapers, gang bangers , crack dealers and drunken murderers/senators in their boarders but consider animal funeral services too gross for dignified hygenic city living...i had to drive to f'ing (crystal)meth-uen. i did get to see goats though....mmm goats- satan's kitties!

evil goat
by the side of the road
he's got a hunger
for human flesh

don't stop to see him
just keep on driving
if you don't
he'll destroy your world

666 goat
in the pen of despair
chewing the grasses of hell

wicked goat
of the farmer satan
snarling and luring you in

petting zoo on the river of blood
minion of the dark one
wicked goat with glowing eyes
when you see him
you'd better run

heh... >;)

devil bunnies devil bunnies woo woo


but really, do you think methuen is a river of blood? in day light it looked like a perfectly fine town....

but now that i think of it those ducks they had in their ' petting zoo' looked a little weird.

Re: devil bunnies devil bunnies woo woo

Petting zoo on the river of blood I tell you. On THE RIVER OF BLOOD.


Re: devil bunnies devil bunnies woo woo

By the way, I wrote that cheesy poem. My blood is 98 percent creamed corn.

Re: devil bunnies devil bunnies woo woo

yes i thought you had. now because of it i think i should adopt one of these cloven hooved demons from the pit( you can adopt chickens at this place as well as other farm animals of hades. mmm chickens.i tell you it made me hungry.)- they can sit on my front door stoop and eat the jerk offs who splay themselves there on the weekend drinking and bleating into their cell phones, smoking, and UPSETTING my precious lady cats.( the asshole jocks from upstairs sit in front of my door de-evolving and pissing their royal highnesses off.kitty no like so they must DIE!!!!!)

Name a time for a visit. I will bring something homemade. :)

youre very kind- thank you. ive been just miserable and work is just-ugh! i have to get through friday then i'm off for 3 days.

sylvia is very sad and might need some extra special lovin'. she's been sleeping on my chest just like her mommy used to and she's been very very talkative-very unusual.brown is moping about and alice has taken up sylvie's old post- the top of my head.

Let me know when :) My pot/caserole pan and kitty loving are always available when you need em :)

i'm open sat/ sun/ mon and i thought we all were going this sat to the centipede bar?

Def. on Saturday to the magical centipede bar...

Provided I can get out of monster trucking in time (which I should be)

Yes, I said monster trucking. :) (not 100% sure I am going to be embracing my white trash roots yet because of work, but it may happen :) )

I was thinking a nice pasta + creamy tomato sauce mix with lots of meaty bits and fresh mozzarella :) I can always deliver on money en route from work to the gym :)

well persia was always found of vehicles with the really big wheels and chicks with tight shirts on and loose morals.

keep me informed about saturday- nothing like cocktails for grief.

yummy. i think you mean 'on monday'?...

yes...my brain and my fingers are in constant conflict...

neither wins really and the intarw3bs just fills in what it wants (doesn't help that I was in rooms that was 85 degrees and arid -- brain no worky that way).

Yep...and monday would probably be better since I have the day off..

I am definitely going on saturday..but if I go a' monster truckin', it won't be until late.

That video reminds me of all of the people I knew in NYC who died of AIDS.

I can't sit through it. :(

at the time i could never watch it- it was too close. it doesnt bother me as much now but then i thought of it as, while a good version, sarcastic. i don't think that now.

all those people around me at that time are dead or out of my life. i think that's why i had been thinking of it what with persia. she came into my life around the late 80s when i was djing that sort of music and just coming out of the massacre that was the mid 80s in terms of AIDS and drug ods. and she was the only one left from it all.

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