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' on heavenly rain, you fell into my life...'
persia mohammad persia, may her name be praised, died tonight surrounded by her most ardent devotees and her most magnificent daughter and heir, sylvia .

she was the sweetest, most lovely presence in my life for over 15 years. gentle and kindest mother yet fiercely devoted to protecting us, her cubs. we are all the better for having known her and all the more stricken by her loss for having the incredible fortune of her cherished company for so long.

i'm trying desperately to keep together-i've known for sometime that her illness was very serious and coupled with her advanced age that her prognosis was not good. i knew it was near her time to go for these past few months. consumed with worry, i had been spending a lot more time with her. she spent a portion of that time sleeping in my lap- the only thing that could put me at ease for a moment or two.

i feel so alone and as if something vital has been cut out of me. my heart is broken. i am so sorry for putting her through those vet visits that she hated and all that medicine she loathed taking. i just hope that, somehow ,she knew i was doing what i thought was my best for her- not to keep her here with me beyond her time but rather in the hope that her pains and problems could be eased so she could have the most comfortable life possible. she deserved that chance and that i had her with me for 6 months longer just made me more appreciative of all the wonderful things she brought into my life. she was my anchor and if i do not go adrift now it will be a testament to the loving care with which she took me in paw and helped make me a better person than the twisted up angry wreck she came across those many years ago when i thought there would never be real love in my life.

real love went by the name persia mohammad and it's so very selfish of me to have wanted her with me forever. i know that she was so very special and of such beautiful spirit that her Mother also wanted the very same thing.

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I am so sorry :(

If you need to talk, I can give you a call. Otherwise I will be up in a month if you want to get out for a bit.

i'm just sitting here crying and crying-i don't think i'm capable of speech but thank you.
sylvia and brown are with me and sylvie has been sitting on my lap for the past 2 days- she must have known something was up as she never sits in my lap. they take such good care of me and i am so weak...losing both co and persia. oh god i can't even think about it....they were about the same age though...

I need to bring you a basket of kittens when I come up.

i'm down to 3 cats....!!!! i can barely survive with just 3 cattens.

Aww, 'kitten ranching' is such fun. :)

yes but usually i end up being the one with the bit in my mouth being herded by assorted felines who are the ones who clearly have the whip...and my slightly surly tabby just asked me if that basket of kittens would be deep fried and cajun style....

however, mine is but to serve at miss kitty's pleasure and theyre so darn cute the get away with everything.

I'm sorry to hear about this... I'm sure she's in a happy kitty place now.

thank you. all i can say is that this happy kitty place better have roast turkey or miss thing is going to be launching a massive ass jihad ....

A, you have my deepest sympathies.

A, the anonymous post was from me. I just woke up, and I have not yet had any coffee. I need to kickstart my brain.

Again, I'm so sorry that you're going through this. When Stimpy died I was crushed, and I know how painful this is.

:big hugs:

i knew she was sick but i just didn't want to have to give her up. everyone who has ever met her adored her. i had to bring her into the animal er in august and they all fell in love with her.

ive known a lot of cats and she is the most amazing of all of them. we were so connected-i really physically felt the earthly cord between us snap and now i'm a dopey mess feeling all those stupid dorky cliches about having a 'cat shaped hole in my heart' and waiting to meet her again at 'the rainbow bridge'...she'd bitch slap the shit out of me if she knew...she was such a sophisticated pussy cat.

oh and im sorry - thank you for your kind thoughts. i need them.

Stimpy might have had that name, but in my opinion it never really suited her. I didn't name her. She was a very sophisticated cat, and she was one of my closest friends. One time, after B__ hit me, she jumped up on to a shelf in the kitchen and licked the tears from my face. I won't forget her.

I really understand what you're going through right now. I got your email the other night, but I'm going to wait at least a few days to answer it. I know you need to grieve right now.

Much love and sympathy,

I know the cat shaped hole thing seems corny, but believe me when I say I really understand it. When the other 4 died, it left a hole in my soul.

I am sorry for your loss. I don't know what else to say....

yeah-it's hard to say anything, i know. i appreciate your thoughtfulness. i know persia is now enjoying her 10,000 virgins in paradise .

I am certain that she loved you for everything you did. Anything one does to improve one's life, and the lives of others at times isn't easy. You made her world a better place, and it looks like she more than returned the favor.

You have my deepest sympathies.

I cannot begin to say how sorry I am, first and foremost.

Both of you were ridiculously lucky to have each other. It is difficult to say who was luckier. Do not feel bad about trying to help family, it is what we should do..regardless of how difficult. You made her last days as comfortable and happy as they could have been and you got the joy of having her in your life a little longer.

Much love to both you and the ladies and please PLEASE let me know if you need me to do anything. My phone will be attached to me.

I'm sad to hear about your beautiful kitty. You gave her much love and a beautiful home and heart.

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