mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

Dusty Springfield my lagan love 1967

it's harder to pick out kate bush's influences than with other people because her talent is so evolved and transformative, but here's dusty doing an irish folk song kate herself covered -'my lagan love'. it was hidden on a b side( of the 12 inch of 'the hounds of love'. it's in the big box set). in kate's case, for me any way, it appeared to be an homage to another phenomenal irish woman( you get that they're irish, right, even though they lived and worked in england? kate's brother's name is paddy.... we just are more talented with the music and drinking then you all anglo-saxon crackers) sandy denny who, with fairport convention, specifically went out and studied at a folklore institute the folk songs of england and it's assorted celtic possessions. they made a stunning record called 'leige and lief' in which they attempted to do modern versions of what was their musical heritage-unrecorded songs that were passed on by ear for generations. sandy was able to hone these songs, leaving behind near razor sharp glittering daggers of tunes. kate thanks her on ' blown away'. i had no idea dusty covered this song.

dusty is the woman who brought motown, via her tv show, to england. it changed music there forever. she is rarely given credit for it. instead of being merely a chick singer, a role woman are still hammered into to this day , dusty arranged her own music with a stunning precision that the pet shop boys noted when they recorded with her. she would break a song down to syllables and arrange them in the most efficacious manner. they were stunned. i'm stunned by finding this little snippet.

real ' folk' music isn't what you think it is and if you can't hear dusty and sandy in kate you need to educate yourself, particularly if you are of celt extraction. it is who you are and no amount of multicultural layering of other people's stuff is going to transform your blood into something it was not born to.

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