mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

This Mortal Coil - Song To The Siren

" did i dream/ you dreamed about me?"
" should i stand amid the breakers/ or should i lie with Death, my bride"

this is untouchable. absolutely and completely.driven by the incomparable voice of cocteau twin elizabeth fraser who IS the real goth diva despite the fact all we ever get to hear is Massive Attack hoping to channal some of her she sings actual cohesive english sentences , a rarety , but it is a cover song . it pretty much is the best version of the song that has ever and will ever be recorded.
so why is it, when a woman of such impeccable goth creds( garlands and treasure might be 2 of the all time greatest goth albums and avoid the tedium of their later EZ listening pap) with a backlog of swirly twirly danceable dirges appears forgotten so we can be subjected to Lillith/lezzie faire girly singer whinging by the likes of decidedly ungoth/unalternative pop folkie sarah maclockjaw or whatever the fuck her name is?
this song has rendered me into a crumpled, sobbing mass on several occassions. fuck ,the guy who wrote it( tim buckley) died from a drug overdose-how goth indeed. the imagery of the song is mythical. a perfect song sung perfectly and as dark and sad as they come.
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