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David Bowie - TVC15

bowie is pretty much an exercise in 'who is he ripping off/ channeling now' and you can forget about him after the mid 80s but it was his ability to effectively market himself,against all odds, to the reluctant masses in all his spaceship drag queen glory that makes him magnificent. would there be a bauhaus without a ziggy stardust? peter murphy made a career out of imitating bowie's vocal style and the fact that even kurt cobain was able to winnow out one of bowie's best , largely unknown songs is testament to his unbelievably vast influence.

in the background, most significantly, find joey aria and the grossly ignored klaus nomi- an early casualty of AIDS, abandoned on his death bed by scared fags raging with denial and cowardice. nomi was possessed of a marvelous voice and unworldly personae that was never effectively presented in recordings which are very hard to find nowadays.

this all brings me to my usual point-herein goth ignores the women and effeminate men who MADE IT. why doesn't anyone play fucking ' cat people'? did you ever watch ' the hunger' which has the added bonuses of having bowie and peter murphy in it and the sublime goddess catherine deneuve?

i sometimes feel as if the destruction, largely by AIDS, of a vast portion of the artistic and goth creating community of that particular time has left us at the mercy of underaged, straight white boys who have co-opted the scene and inflicted their lack of taste, lack of musical knowledge and apparent disdain of the feminine upon us and have refocused on the sterile repetitious dance music of the late 80s crossed with white variations of hip hop. there's no one left alive to teach them or force them to do otherwise and play what they may, renaming it goth will not make it so.

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Also, it's worth mentioning one of the great underrated casualties of AIDS, Patrick Cowley. It's a damn crime that he isn't a household name. Without Patrick Cowley and Bobby "O" I don't think Hi NRG would ever have existed, and they definitely had a huge influence on the direction New Order and Pet Shop Boys took.

I feel the need to dust off a bunch of old records now!!

use it up/ wear it out

i am a big champion of hi-nrg-you don't need to convince me! didn't bobby o do most of the divine stuff on top of it? like i metioned- just listen to IOU and then listen to new order from ' confusion 'on - the sounds are the same .

no hi nrg means no house means no techno means no electronic bowel movement i mean ebm.

ive been itching to go to a hi nrg night but the last place i knew that had one was chaps before they moved.

Re: use it up/ wear it out

That would be "electro bowel movement," thank you. :snark:

Actually, some of the stompy intense shit that Brad used to play at Club Hell was pretty cool. It was more like techno-industrial. Some of it sounded evil, and dirty. It was like people should have been fucking on the dancefloor, instead of dancing. I liked that shit.

Please don't get your panties in a bunch because I'm commenting on your text here. :) I actually really miss talking with you. I'm not about to pretend that I don't.

I definitely hear the Hi NRG influence on the Pet Shop Boys. The "Disco" remix album speaks for itself in this case.

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