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David Bowie - TVC15

bowie is pretty much an exercise in 'who is he ripping off/ channeling now' and you can forget about him after the mid 80s but it was his ability to effectively market himself,against all odds, to the reluctant masses in all his spaceship drag queen glory that makes him magnificent. would there be a bauhaus without a ziggy stardust? peter murphy made a career out of imitating bowie's vocal style and the fact that even kurt cobain was able to winnow out one of bowie's best , largely unknown songs is testament to his unbelievably vast influence.

in the background, most significantly, find joey aria and the grossly ignored klaus nomi- an early casualty of AIDS, abandoned on his death bed by scared fags raging with denial and cowardice. nomi was possessed of a marvelous voice and unworldly personae that was never effectively presented in recordings which are very hard to find nowadays.

this all brings me to my usual point-herein goth ignores the women and effeminate men who MADE IT. why doesn't anyone play fucking ' cat people'? did you ever watch ' the hunger' which has the added bonuses of having bowie and peter murphy in it and the sublime goddess catherine deneuve?

i sometimes feel as if the destruction, largely by AIDS, of a vast portion of the artistic and goth creating community of that particular time has left us at the mercy of underaged, straight white boys who have co-opted the scene and inflicted their lack of taste, lack of musical knowledge and apparent disdain of the feminine upon us and have refocused on the sterile repetitious dance music of the late 80s crossed with white variations of hip hop. there's no one left alive to teach them or force them to do otherwise and play what they may, renaming it goth will not make it so.

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Wow I didn't know that Klaus Nomi did backing vocals for Bowie! I think the first time I saw him was on Urgh! A Music War, which looks like it will never see the light of day on DVD which is a damn shame. So many great performances...

As far as the deterioration of the scene... In many cases it wasn't the DJs that changed so much as it was the customer that changed forcing the DJs to abandon certain things that no one wanted to hear any more. I think a lot of the people who were really into things like Danielle Dax, etc. stopped going out to clubs around the time of the rise of Marilyn Manson. I know I noticed a huge change in the type of people that used to come to my night. I mean look at the way female goths dressed 10 years ago it was all flowy dresses and long hair. Now it's PVC space suit clothes and goggles that do nothing.

the aria/nomi back up was for saturday night live and it was a one off-bowie claimed to want to do more with nomi but it never happened. they also did ' man who fell to earth' with him.

i personally feel that djs are at least partially reponsible and the ipod culture wherein everyone thinks they are a dj- it's rendered the position, the actual art of djing moot- no one can recognize a dj worth the name now . no one really mixes with any musicality and deftness. they all think theyre rock stars in the making. it's become a grotesque cult of personality wherein the music and clientel has either suffered or been dumbed down.

i always felt you should be djing to the point that you disappear and the music is so bound together, so compelling that it can go new places and take people along. that is what was so great about early house and techno- that's what could happen and the dance floor demanded and expected it.they didn't stand around like black shiny bumps on a log waiting for vnv nation before they'd involve themslves in the music.

goth's glory was always it's eclecticness-so much music fits the mold and it spans decades. a fucking aria from maria callas could fit in if you had the balls and heart and skill to do it.

i consider myself spoiled-i was there at the cloudburst- the beginning. i heard larry levan and what someone can do with their ability to really move a crowd through how and what they play. here for all intents was a house dj who used to play steve miller snippets( fly like an eagle) . i stopped going out because no dj seemed to have anything to say- no story to tell and no ability with which to unfold it.

gay men who are 100 years old will go out to the bars, dude. most everyone i knew from that time who were passionately devoted to the music and nightlife are dead- nearly 2 generations of gay men who were always on the forefront of new dance music of any genre. i personally feel their loss and am well aware of the impact gay culture made on goth. we're missing a portion of history that could influence the mansonites and the anime robot whores if those who lived it weren't dead and in the grave for the past 20 years.

we stopped going to clubs because our musical needs were no longer being met and the nouveau tots flooding the field were left with a shitty musical heritage pissed on them by other kids from the suburbs who learned everything about the 80s from mtv and ktell like compilation cds. they have no idea what to demand from djs because theyve never been challenged to ask and give more.

Oh, by the way. Joey Arias is awesome. I used to sometimes play at shows with him in NY. He's an amazing talent, and evidently he's still going strong.

"they didn't stand around like black shiny bumps on a log waiting for vnv nation before they'd involve themslves in the music."


Because nothing says 'gothic' like PVC spacesuits and goggles? ;)


I just had yet another blonde moment. I forgot to log in.

i've always wanted to go out with a welding mask on and a blow torch in one hand...that's pretty fucking industrial if you ask me. of course i'd have on an animal backpack on to ' blend' in...

Haha! But hey, don't forget to shave your eyebrows off first, and throw on some fake yarn hair.

you don't think the lack of eyebrows will distract all the attention from my twirling glo-stix?

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