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you must run out and obtain ,at any cost, 'the jesus egg that wept'. fucking steal it if you have to.

here's another amazing goth woman, amazing female artist, whose is completely ignored so we can be brutalized by musically vapid tunes about the BTK killer( if it was a song about the lynching blacks as being sexually stimulating it would be inappropriate and evil but it's just about killing women so it must be fucking lovely, enthralling entertainment). i recall trying to force feed danielle dax to women- here's a really hot (in terms of western european standards of female attractiveness) woman singing about the abuse and marginlization of women in ALL cultures, singing about bankrupt patriarchal religions- a woman whom i met and who was an absolute doll and kissed us all for coming to see her and you'd rather dance to some woman- hating hip hop crap by brain damaged drug dealers who never evolved emotionally beyond the age of 10 years old?

i've heard that danielle does a gardening show now somewhere in england rather than music, which is a shame, but i completely understand why someone would abandon commercial music if they had any personal values and integrity whatsoever. when she got a major label contract they had her doing Beatle's covers so i highly suggest, first 'the jesus egg' ,and then' dark adapted eye'. unlike goth .quasi-female positive closet dyke siouxsie, danielle seems to have an understanding of what she's fucking singing about but this may be in direct proportion to the amount of vodka some of us consume. danielle was a gem that gave me hope for the music industry.

where is her equivilant now? a sad state of affairs that you can stop by not supporting bad music and bad club nights . demand more,so much fucking more.

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I've tried to demand more, only to sit there and have EBM crap played into my face all night long. I watch the drones dance in their Frankenboots, with their stupid multicolored dreadlock fake hair, marching around with their noses in the air as if they are something special.

I don't bother to go to clubs anymore because of this.

"I watch the drones dance in their Frankenboots, with their stupid multicolored dreadlock fake hair"

and those are just the ' males'.

there are many of us who feel this way unfortunately i like to dance and becoming a shut in dressed in black sweatpants listening to maria callas while cranky geriatric cats glare at me their disapproval is not an appealing future. i am considering drastic tactics and hostages are not entirely out of the question.like these tools don't want to be slapped around and forced to do things out of character like play real goth and industrial music instead of disco for the tone and style deaf.

It's not just the males.

Now you know why I don't go out much anymore.
I miss the old days. Maybe I'm a bitchy old goat, but shit sucks now.

I'm sure they hate me because I'm not a fucking EBM clone. I won't bother playing gigs with EBM bands anymore, or going to dance in clubs that don't play good old school goth music, and new wave.

By the way, that was me earlier. I just forgot to log in.

I've added you as a friend. :)

yeah it's not as if the female-ebm-bots (who i have seen twirling glow sticks mind you. oh the places i want to err put those glow sticks...) are any more tolerable. it's just the disposible male numbnuts of the goth hip hopracy are the ones djing and filling the floor for the lame disco drone hits- around here anyway. the baggy hip hop suburban white boy outfits in shades of black have taken over where crepe,veils, nice suits and scruffy leathery industrial punks used to reign.
i've been going to the new wave nights too( since one of the only goth nights was strangled to it's death by Electronic stupid ass Bitch Music) but, ok, people clap off beat along to the songs. it's a desperate situation...

Don't even get me started about the GIANT pants. Ugh...

What do you think of the whole shaved off eyebrow clone thing? I think some of them look like psychotic evil clowns in drag.

They frighten me.

i like when they have the bondage straps on the old whale pants because then i envsion wrapping them up in their endless pants , tying them all up in a bundle and throwing them off the nearest bridge. one less person to request white hip hop set to old techno tunes.

oh dear, i thought they WERE psychotic evil clowns and tried not to get too close. it was seeming like the circus was in town way too long. not like they couldn't be fashioning a Big Top tent out of those fucking pants. divine is the only one that could pull off the no eyebrows but then again at least she dressed better.

i think theyll find that eyebrows serve a purpose the next time theyre caught in the rain without their big old anime wigs on.

You are, without a doubt, my favorite person on the internet now. I used to hold a certain DJ in this high regard, but you've outsnarked him considerably. He's run away from me with his tail between his legs. It's a shame, because I really enjoyed talking with him. But oh well...

And yes, Divine did dress better, and he/she did look far more interesting.

wow- and all i am used to are anonymous emails from new jersey telling me what a ' little angry bastard ' i am and how much i suck . you'll spoil me.

dj's tend to like me at first because i was a dj for the entire goth/techno era at it's inception and know a lot about music. then my opinion creeps in about some of the music they hold in highest regard and their lack of humility vis a vis the music( they didnt write the fucking stuff but you'd think they had because of their overinflated egos) and suddenly i'm violating their omnipotent grip on taste and supreme knowledge of everything that's worthy and excellent about being a breathing ipod for recycled raver tots.

i love music too much not to have a pointed opinion about it and not to rant about it as i see fit.

I think you're fucking brilliant. Anyone who thinks any less can piss off. I've read your blog for quite sometime now, but not posted. It's linked to another blog that I occasionally read.

By the way, I left the comment on the Kate Bush post. I love Kate Bush.
I think you have magnificent taste in music.

Now, for some reason, many DJ's seem to think that they are as important as the music they spin. Now I'm not saying being a DJ is unimportant. It's a good job, it's fun, and some people actually like to hear really good music. They appreciate you when you play it.

I used to be a DJ's assistant back in the day. I also had a few close friends who were and still are also DJ's. Hell, I was madly and heartachingly in love with a brilliantly minded DJ for years.

However, for fucks sake, DJ's didn't create the damn music that they spin, and the ego tripping/cocky thing is quite silly. I agree with you completely on that point. There is an exemption here though in that DJ Shadow takes samples from the music, and makes new spooky sounding awesome music from it. Some DJ'a really are wonderfully creative.

I know some people might think I'm an asshole for saying this, but I really don't hate all club DJ's. I just think some of them need a fucking head check, and an attitude adjustment. I've known one in particular who is a raging asshole. He lashed out at me because I expressed an opinion on something he was linked to. You know, it's one of those situations where it's OK for them to speak lowly of you, but the minute you open your mouth and explain things, you're the asshole.

Life goes on...

i love when djs under the age of 30 try to explain to me where techno came from and they mention ibizia and honky english hippies on vacation and i just want to harpoon them and their pompus egos. i am no longer shocked but rather angered and saddened that people who proclaim themselves djs don't know a fucking thing about music history.

then none of them can mix worth shit. a good dj can create something out of other people's music that's profound through mixing and samples. you should be telling a story ,a tale with these found objects and if youre not your a fucking jukebox- a machine can and should take your place.

Sorry about the typo. I was all "riled up" when I wrote this, and I missed it. :D

I forgot to mention that I do like a couple of songs that are considered to be "stompy," but I don't like 99% of EBM music.

i'm sorry but if you clap to it or whirl a glow stick near me i will be forced to say something...it's like tourettes-i can't help myself...

I'd never do that, nor would I ever hold a glowstick. Eww.

By the way, I like really gay house music, too. It's fun.

my thing is that if youre going to dance to really gay disco you have to have the 'nads to embrace it for what it is and enjoy it and yourself instead of trying to butch it up with sterile technical terms like ebm.

also you have to give people and subcultures their props-house music and techno primarily evolved in gay dance clubs. so in fact did a lot of alternative music- one of the biggest, original goth nights in boston was 'boy night' at spit/axis on tuesday. it was a gay night directed at goths who like siouxsie and the smiths and industrial and nitzer ebb etc etc.you couldn't hear that music anywhere else at the time and if you weren't gay you couldn't be a homphobic/trannyphobic asshole and expect to be welcomed with open arms.hell some of the first punk clubs in england in the 70s were gay bars because no one else would have their music and their clothes in their clubs.
i have not liked the transition from gay and appreciative of female music to straight, woman hating homo hating clubs run by 'straight' boys who certainly weren't around for the first wave of goth and were weened on hip hop in the suburbs.
anyway, i love love hi nrg and really gay disco and that's in fact what i used to spin for one of the nights i did. what's most noticable about this type of music is the amount of it that features female artists as opposed to other types of music.

Tangent question: What is the best moon phase to do a Lemon Uncrossing spell? I need to do one. Does it really matter what phase it's in?

all spells and curses and such around here are done by Persia mohammad persia, mullah, ayatollah and really powerful afreet( that is she's a persian lady cat), may her name be praised. i'm just one of her many fawning lackies.i'd ask her but i believe she's semiretired and has been focusing her awesome mystical powers on avoiding taking her heart medications.

Got bumped here from elsewhere... just FYI, Dax recently played a show in France with Dave Knight, and word is that Dave is pushing her to do more shows soon. Hopefully, someday... I do play Dax pretty frequently wherever I spin, so if you're ever looking to go out in Providence, let me know and I'll point you to where I can be found.

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