mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens


you must run out and obtain ,at any cost, 'the jesus egg that wept'. fucking steal it if you have to.

here's another amazing goth woman, amazing female artist, whose is completely ignored so we can be brutalized by musically vapid tunes about the BTK killer( if it was a song about the lynching blacks as being sexually stimulating it would be inappropriate and evil but it's just about killing women so it must be fucking lovely, enthralling entertainment). i recall trying to force feed danielle dax to women- here's a really hot (in terms of western european standards of female attractiveness) woman singing about the abuse and marginlization of women in ALL cultures, singing about bankrupt patriarchal religions- a woman whom i met and who was an absolute doll and kissed us all for coming to see her and you'd rather dance to some woman- hating hip hop crap by brain damaged drug dealers who never evolved emotionally beyond the age of 10 years old?

i've heard that danielle does a gardening show now somewhere in england rather than music, which is a shame, but i completely understand why someone would abandon commercial music if they had any personal values and integrity whatsoever. when she got a major label contract they had her doing Beatle's covers so i highly suggest, first 'the jesus egg' ,and then' dark adapted eye'. unlike goth .quasi-female positive closet dyke siouxsie, danielle seems to have an understanding of what she's fucking singing about but this may be in direct proportion to the amount of vodka some of us consume. danielle was a gem that gave me hope for the music industry.

where is her equivilant now? a sad state of affairs that you can stop by not supporting bad music and bad club nights . demand more,so much fucking more.
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