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Kate Bush: The Kick Inside (Efteling Gardens Special 1978)

who's the real fucking goth now? only kate bush could write a song about incest and make a video in the 70s floating on a funeral barge and be both sexy and a genius.

ok boston ' goth' djs, i know you wouldn't know either a goth or a real woman if you tripped over one but kate bush is the closest thing we have on earth, male or female, to both a musical genius and a poet in the true spiritual/ sufi/druid meaning of the word not in the lame petty ' the wind is blowing/ i hate republicans who created AIDS' poetry slam corruption of the Muse. why is it like pulling your hair in a screechy girly fight manner to get you to play a female artist, especially one of such outstanding quality who's music is her own and actually means something rather than being rehashed product targeted to the lowest, most musically ignorant denominator?

look at her- she's dressed in black and she's in a goddamn coffin and she's singing about fucking her brother. like you don't get done up in drag and do the same thing every time your gf leaves town for a night.

play kate bush, for fucks sake, will you, or we dress up as mariachis and dance the tarantula on your vnv nation cds.

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i had never seen it because i believe it was just shown in the UK on tv and when i saw it it floored me. i realize many people find her modern dance bits a tad tedious but this is another matter.

she's so fucking beautiful and powerful and what frankly could be more goth- the funeral barge. she's so wonderful in all ways it makes me weep.

the song also points to her attempts to pattern her writing on ancient celtic poetic modalities. she's writing music out of a specific tradition and making it relevant here and now.not that anyone now realizes there could be such a tradition that's relevant to their roots theyre so bankrupted by consumerism they believe that represents their reason for being and creating.

she wrote this song when she was a teenager. if that doesnt touch the divine i don't know what does.

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