mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

the importance of being erstwhile

is it possible to overdose or perhaps kill yourself with sinus/nasal spray? i feel like i attacked myself with a gallon bottle of poppers but i am able to breathe out of the left side of my nose for the first time in over a week.

perhaps my head won't explode after all.

and while you're addressing that burning, throbbing question , please answer this- why is it that only i would find and fix the imac of a gay lily white dartmouth going raver who majored in 'latino studies' and apparently spent senior year downloading really bad homemade skinny ass honkey porn mostly taking place in mom's kitchen ?

dude, wipe your hard-drive. no one wants to see ravers naked. NO ONE. and what would senor senior thesis advisor( had to be imported via email from cali as dartmouth doesn't appear to be brimming over with err diversity) about that fetishized latino guys in a cornfield porn you had hidden on your hard drive.( no one should really allow a computer to enter a password....) all it was missing was a fucking burro. you're the one la migra should cart away.


oh and you're too scrawny and purse lipped faggy to be a model so give it up. no one wants to see a raver in armani either. NO ONE. and who took those photos? you focus the camera by turning the lens...ok....

and for all of you making your own porn- it's best not to have other unrelated objects between you and the camera while you're jerking off. the bowl of half eaten cereal between the web cam and your dick doesn't really add anything to the experience. i hope your mother found out what you were doing on her kitchen counters while she was at work and sold you off into the white slave trade.


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