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coffee break

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NOW without a typo:

You just made me spit out my soygurt.

That is so awesome. Especially since that is the coffee my mum and grandma drink :) However, they still drink theirs "negro".

i remember i metioned this photo to you a long time ago and said i would post it but the truth is- i couldn't find it. and today while i was cleaning up( installed new media shelves- i could never find anything with 2 layers of books/cds/dvds piled up on bookcases)- there it was in my dearly departed Co photo book.

i'd say this was nyc gay pride sometime in the first guiliani years- early 90s? i believe we all ended up drunk in front of the building diane arbus killed herself in arguing incoherently about whether she jumped out a window or died in her bath tub( tub), drinking from 40 ounces. we refused to go into any of the after parties because they were all either salsa music or had that hideous foam and several of us refused to ruin our new pumas.

and that's about all i remember.

Dirty... Filthy... Dirty

Cafe O Lay would be her stage name.

Re: Dirty... Filthy... Dirty

i'd want my drag name to be Kitten Natividad but the name is already taken....

Re: Dirty... Filthy... Dirty

drats, that's a good one. Mine would be Kattatude.

Re: Dirty... Filthy... Dirty

there's some movie- i can't recall which one- wherein RuPaul , dressed in a fetching number made from a confederate flag is called Racial Tension

(Deleted comment)

Re: Dirty... Filthy... Dirty

the bad american version of priscilla queen of the desert.

i so want an abba poo in a jar. i've been searching ebay.....

(Deleted comment)
.... or a nipple.

of course the coporate sponsors of boston gay pride would never put up with such an outrage to their middle american let's get married and breed values.

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