mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

Do your fucking research

Persia Mohammad Persia has been re-enacting the Grassy Knoll version of the JFK assassination all morning in the kitchen.

With her Jackie O. pillbox hat and palm pilot she's been forcing us all into position. Sylvie, with a gun, in the litterbox. Harriot Brown , with a rifle, on the Grassy Knoll. Akmed jr, with a little plastic boufant DA wig (like devo used to sometime wear), in the car, next to PMP herself.

Alice, Zapruder, with her camera, stands by the cocktail cart, waiting for 'smiling jackie passing by".

I've been given a sandwhich and told to stand on top of the speaker in the living room and eat it. I am Oswald. i have a goofy grin, a cuban cigar and a copy of the "Doors of Perception."

" if you started the wrong way..everything that happened would be proof of a conspiracy against you. it would be self -validating. you couldn't draw a breath without knowing it was part of the plot." -aldous huxley via ron rosenbaum.
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