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more old skool kicks
sure, santa didn't get you some already outmoded, overpriced piece of plastic and circuit boards and now you're all pouty and sullen, playing atari classics on some old crappy gameboy and being bitter.


look at what that fat fuck brought the Official Housecats of the Apocalypse:

looking for frogger looking for frogger

apparently it cost 200 bucks in 1983.

the ladies caged it for under 10 with 20 games and the overlays still with them. siamese not included.

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see...now I would have bought it if the siamese had been included.

and holy cow...DIG DUG....:)

apparently' dig dug' is one of the rarer of titles it came with although i would suppose sylvie is going to be all up in the grill of 'microsurgeon'...it better be micro-BRAINsurgeon..or else!

Eww Intellivision! One of the worst controllers ever, but it did have a keypad...

all i need now is a gold ford grand turino

well don't think you can come over here snapping your gum , screaming '"THIS SUCKS! PLAY XBOX 360!!!!" "while flashing (your) rack and sticking out ( your) tongue in those girls gone wild commercials."

come on, not even for ' advanced dungeons and dragons' you wouldn't put up with those odd controllers?( ' advanced dungeons and dragons'??) 1978 was a long time ago- long before nintendo changed the world. videogames were mostly stuck in the computers of the painfully geeky. it reminds me of those wood sided station wagons with the cheesy faux wood panel job. and apparently ' ergonomics' had not yet been thought of...

Holy crap!!! TEH HAWTNESS!!!!

my cats have the fucking taste..oh yes they do......now if only they's stop using their asses to work the controllers....

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