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actual proof terror tabby was adorable wee kitten


seeing how there have been some cutey pie baby pics about- i could only find one infant photo of anyone in persia's lair.

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she does look a bit like a Kitler but.....it's just her little tabby brown nose.

holy crap..it is Peet's doppelganger...


vast tabby catspiracy

they'd rule the world- if only they needed less nap time....and had...

usable opposable thumbs!!!!!!!

Re: vast tabby catspiracy

well, Peets has the thumbs. Not terribly usable. Although, she FINALLY managed to open the bedroom door in my apartment using the door knob. (Kitty doesn't like it when she is shut out of ANY room in HER house.)

Re: vast tabby catspiracy

harriot brown is the queen of the door opening magic around here and as you've seen they're all particularly peeved if you dare to shut the bathroom door sequestering yourself with THEIR litter...

they stalk me when i'm here and go through my bags etc when i come home.

I knew that there was a hellish dark aura that is NOT a shadow lurking near her. Heil Kitler!

she's considering deporting the himalayans next door to allston...and she keeps asking the other tabby if she'd like a ' shower'.....whatever could she mean?

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