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lesbian love, like herbal tea

definitely not safe for work, you- PERVERT.

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furry libertines, whores of babylon, siam, and egypt.....

I like how Sylvie hides her face. Modest one, she is. Except for the spanks!

yes, when the camera comes out to document the ' deed 'she hides behind her shyly fluttering fan....little does anyone know about her Vast Siamese Assoc. for Acquisition of the Spicy Brains .

Next time I am there, I am catching the spanking on video and posting it on pornotube.

well, someone we know.. uh hmm... refused to be photographed spanking said pussy cat even if little black bars where added over the face to protect the clearly guilty...

Now what kind of house are you running!!

..actually , i do not appear to be in charge...i'm merely the cat servant.

persia claims it's merely a ' home for wayward kittens'and if any one is selling crack or ' favors' to the chillins in the 'hood she is unaware of it...

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