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kickin' it old skool with HB

hard core/ you know the score...

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That system was the best! Kitty knows where its at!

Lately I have been playing old games on the new DS Lite, such a fun experience on such a little screen.

i was thinking of getting one but will probably wait until after hexxmas.

i won't consider a system of any sort now unless you can play tetris on it.

You can play tetris on just about anyting now: cell phones, iPods etc.

I'd be surprised if you found a system that DIDN'T have tetris.

i don't believe it's on the psp handheld which as well as playing games washes your cat's ass at the same time it surfs the net.

Actually, if you get the new Wii you can play ALL the games from all previous iterations of nintendo. It also isn't retarded expensive like the ps3upyourarse :)

btw..her pattern is quite beautiful!

oh god..Bubble Bobble? like you can buy versions of these games?-err, what form please?- i am totally retarded about these things you young 'uns play in the 21st century. can my grammaphone be hooked up to it ..wirelessly???

her pattern is much nicer than her ass, which she enjoys plopping on anything i enjoy.apparently she's what's known as a 'Torbbie'( a tortoishell tabby).

It looks like you can download the games to the Wii via a virtual console.


what a fabulous idea. it's aboot fucking time.all those NES geeks who've been tweeking those emulator consoles for years are going to be steamed like a spicy bun at dim sum...

fuck. i'm hungry!( at work)

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