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goodbye cruel world
big. screen. tetris.


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are you going to tetris your life away?

(Deleted comment)
i believe all truths lie in tetris..... and is persia's persiamid...i'm chanting as i type.

i almost nodded out driving home from work sunday afternoon( i'd been there since saturday.). that's never happened. tetris has gotten me through 4 hateful holiday seasons. im rendered incapable of anything else.

there's a game i've been trying to find for awhile called ' panic kitchen' that just about suns it all up...


not only does it have a weird but catchy theme song that we came up with lyrics for( ' if you like tropical pussy...tropical pussy will do") but....

"Level 6 -- Dessert

This level takes place in the sewers i think."

uh. huh.

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