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"we didn't land on plymouth rock..."
"... 'it' landed on us."

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the more I look at the mottled awesomeness that is her majesty, Sylvie, the more I think that I am seeing a kitten in training to be her doppleganger

well even though your picture was a tad blurry( cell phone?) the minion, er, i mean kitten did seem well on it's way to hopping down the sylvia esther bint persia mohammad persia bunny trail of adorableness, destruction and....


yes yes..it's the evil brain eating ,spice detecting waves that make kitty appear blurry to the not very furry apes and their gadgets....

watch out- sylvie has added expensive imported cheeses to her menu of very favorite things.. and it all washes down nicely with organic VERY EXPENSIVE handmade creamery butter. offsets the spiciness quite well...

LOL, that is seriously funny.

i think it was part of their feline thnaksgiving pageant( we had company. they do so like to show off.)- this using the other cats as a coaster for your ass- or she jut wanted to plunk her fat ass on the ' special' tabby cat because she wanted the guest to notice Herself.

they are seriously like drag queens on special k when it comes to getting attention.

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