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NoThanksHonky-giving. you're invited
i've posted this before but persia demands a rerun. you can come over to celebrate being thankful persia allows you to feed her turkey . we drink. we eat. we watch movies. we feed the cats turkey. then the cats eat your turkey- don't be stingey.

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Happy Honky thanksgiving. I love the man for celebrating genocide. Mad props to smallpox. Assholes. That rock should have sunk the whole fucking lot of them.

That seriously made me spew liquids. I dig it.

' we didn't land on plymouth rock, it landed on us'- malcolm x

the piligrims, by the by, laded in provincetown first. unfortunately it was late fall and the tea dances were all shut down so unward to plymouth.

fucking vikings were here first anyway. and perhaps celts too. goddamn anglo fucking saxons.

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