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"Chief Bunny...."
the beret was bad enough. then there was the gay chef scarf and matching coat when i was forced to parade around in public- dressed like a french pastry whore.

then soon you find you are ' adorable, like a bunny" at s/m night.

it was coming- oh i should have seen it- now i'm soon to be on the company web site as, not the pastry chef, but as ' Chief Bunny...'

don't tell ' the ladies'..i think rabbits are rodents and we know how the Ineffable Persia Mohammad Persia thinks of rodents....playful main course.

in the desert the animals lick their eyes and the persians lick their chops.

" hostile hostile is the 12th Tybi. avoid seeing a mouse that day."


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I must confess, I am not a fan of bunny rabbits. Twitchy, nervous, meek little things that they are. Still, as long as you're personality doesn't become rabbit like, I think the occasional resemblance is permissible.

I bet you make a ccccuuuuuuute bunny@ ;)


well i have to hop along and get more coffee....

That's it, now I'll have to call you hop-along forever.

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