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and i thought persia just used the veil fo' the ugly bitches...

in which the ' secular' islamic state of turkey prosecutes a 92 year old archeologist for stating that the islamic head bag forced on women is derived from ancient goddess worshipping priestesses who wore veils to initiate young people into sex.

she was acquitted today but ,still , where the fuck are the so called feminists on issues of the insane and violent hatred of women inherent in not so even radical islam?( turkey is one of the only so called ' democracies' among the majority moslem countries). they were all over some western woman, living in a secular democracy, willingly showing her snatch in a magazine but woman are basically imprisoned, can't drive cars nor vote, are stoned to death in soccer stadiums for the crime of adultery and you don't hear a peep in the regard to such blindingly obvious misogyny- a genocide spiritually if not in reality upon human females, indeed on the very idea of the female.

women are the jews to islam's third reich - followed by you and i in the ' west'- if you happen to be any other religion save islam or if you dare criticize any moslem at any time for any reason or draw a cartoon of mohammed .

and so many don't think it can happen here- in western europe or america . the stalwarts of the western media, champions of free speech and 'progress', refused to openly come to the aid of or even offer the vaguest support to the country of denmark when a paper there dared to print such a cartoon. some papers in america , after those worshippers of the religion of peace burned danish embassies to the ground, demanded the death of the cartoonists and rioted,refused to reprint the cartoons. you, oh western infidel crusader, therefore have effectively been blackmailed by moslems to give up the supposed sacred right to freedom of expression and nary a yip from writers, artists, politicians or newspaper editors of the fact.

it should be noted that denmark, unlike france and norway, refused to surrender political power to nazi germany. they saved their own jews by sneaking them into sweden and worked tirelessly to save others and subvert the germans , who considered them fellow aryans occupying land that was by all rights german. the danish are saints as far as i'm concerned ,unlike my country of origin, the other white flag, la belle france, who was shitting on it's french jews long before old cousin adolph came along ( right before WW1 the Frogocracy was considering shipping all jews to french colonial possession madagascar. this is the same country who chucked it's medal bearing, legless, armless jewish veterans who had given their flesh and blood to france right up the smokestacks of the concentration camps in the east. meurte la france!).

what the impartial media has also been, well, i guess, forgetting to report is that there has been something of an epidemic of moslem immigrants raping and gang raping western female children and women for not wearing the veil and for not being ' modest'. the most recent relatively well publicized cases are from australia, although largely reported not because they had just occurred- the cases referenced happened in the late 90's/ early 2000- but because some mufti douche bag was just mouthing off about the sentences given to the poor moslem sacks of shit for purposely gang raping western european australian women as young as 13 just because they were 1) ' aussie pigs'( direct quote from one of the defendants) and 2) didn't leave the house dressed in a veil and an ankle length garbage bag.


however, the scandinavian countries in particular have been overwhelmed by similar crimes that the official news sources and authorities refuse to name for what they are- racially / religiously motivated rapes perpetrated on native( read: WHITE) women by immigrant men from moslem countries. if it was Thor raping moslem women because they are moslem you'd sure as hell hear about it. it's fucking outrageous.


this is what we have come to- accommodating people who want to destroy us as secular, freedom loving humans in our to each his own world where women aren't viewed as property ,' bags of meat',or the ' tools of satan' luring men to rape and thus sin. these people cannot be accommodated. to do so would be suicide.

at this point in history can anyone say it was ok to accommodate hitler?( we'll , many moslems think that because most think the holocaust never happened and iranians view themselves as aryan-snort!. iran, in farsi, means 'land of the aryans'.) woman hating, free speech denying for anyone but themselves, radical islamists are not compatible with freedom, democracy and the vigilant care of the human rights of ALL humans. if one group of people's expression of their freedom of religion demands the negation of all other religions, the subjugation of all women and the execution of anyone for the content of their speech alone, then they must be called out for what they are, removed , if necessary(especially if they are infringing on the rights and liberties of others or are plotting to do so), or , frankly, destroyed.

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Read up on what is happening in Africa. Darfur is just ONE example of what is going on. Yet, even something as "notorious" as Darfur is largely being ignored...and most notably by the US who is in bed with Al-Bashir because of his connections with Bin Laden. In one UN meeting Bush actually went off about the atrocities in Darfur with Al-Bashir and his ministers present...who seems to actually be amused (especially since they are being allowed to carry on with NO repercussions)-- except some weak UN activity.

in all fairness, the un also systematically refuses to get involved in these things, not even going so much as the bushian hand ringing.i mean syria is on the human rights commission- fucking syria who is about to attempt to topple the democratically elected government of the lebanon . clearly hitler , stalin, vlad the impaler and gengis khan could have made the cut in regards to the UN who seems besmitten with anyone who enjoys killling off sections of their own populous.

at this moment ethiopia is about to be taken over by radical genocidal moslem thugs. africas main problem, after colonialism left them to themselves(sort of), has been tribal infighting, a complete disregard for recognizing other tribes as human- there are still slaves being bought and sold in africa and assholes in america are still whinging about 1860-and once again fucking islamists stirring the shit pot with assault rifles. sounds like LA....

so i am well aware of dafur but, not that it's irrelevant, it certainly is not, but it's irrelevant to the issue of my post - the tangible effect to those in western europe and america of moslem philosophies that killed 3,000 people in the US in one swoop and which is apologized for and hidden relentlessly in modern media, which also as it happens doesn't have a lot to say about dafur either. if someone was running around cambridge gang raping black school girls because they were seen as deserving it for not wearing veils i would hope someone would give a fuck enough about 12 year old girls in their own neighborhodd to put a fucking stop to it and call it what it is instead of blaming Bush for everything.( im sure president kerry would have run right into dafur with his stupid uneducated troops and shown them what's for .the democrats including clinton where all just as connected politiocally and monetarily to saudis, moslem dictators and the powers that be in dafur. there's no excuse for it but both sides do it and have done it. clinton in particular was more heavily funded politically by the asshole sexist saudis than even the bushes.) i can't do anything about dafur. i can do something when news outlets refuse to inform the populous as to what one group of people are systematically , criminally doing. i can demand authorities fucking do something about it at my own front door.

also it involves godddess whorship so any excuse to bring it up.

that was my point...NO ONE...is doing anything...at all...and it was more a comment on how similar a situation it is in terms of the horrid oppression/genocide/etc under the flag of islam that doesn't involve blowing up buildings, oil, etc.

I just thought it was particularly blatant and tasteless for bush to go on about how outrageous, etc it is with the guy sitting right there and then colluding with him for information on bin-laden...(why I mentioned it)

what most outrages me , though, is that i expect western leaders to sit around like a bunch of self righteous idiots doing nothing-that's pretty much a given and also unacceptable-but that the media has taken sides and decided the truth is subject to their censorship, pc blackmailable bullshit( a major american based news network agreed not to publish negative reports from inside iraq when saddam was in power and commiting genocide on the kurds and marsh arabs and in return he allowed them to remain in baghdad)and politically naive partisanship.
the news is suppose to report the news- not hide it or lie about it- which is what is going on. we know our leaders will let us down and lie but the media is suppose to be a check to that not an inducement to such behavior- to perpetuate lies in the service of power.
nixon couldn't get away with it-why are modern day nazis allowed to by the same constitutionally protected body?

just in today's news


china owns nearly half of the sudan's oil fields and continues to forcefully block UN demands that the sudan allow in peace keeping forces.

and i bet those guns and tanks used ti kill civilians have made in china stamped on them

this is an add on to my comments-
it is not the US/bush that has dragged it's heels on Dafur in the UN. the usa declared what was going on there a genocide in 2004. bush just signed legislation demanding action and adequet funding there and it is because of several countries abstaining in the security council from voting on darfur that nothing adequet gets done-those countries being algeria, china, pakistan and russia. the human rights commision peopled with such champions of freedom and human dignity as syria refuses to use any leverage to boulster the puny peace keeping forces sent or leverage more support to end what's happening.our congress has been voting resolutions refering to darfur for years but the UN cannot be compelled to comply with them.

it has been illegal for sometime for us citizens to do business with the sudan and bush further signed an executive order reenforcing this. im not sure what else he's suppose to do short of donning body armour himself.how can these measures be construed as bush not doing anything? because these measures and resolutions are never prominantly featured in the news and the voting records of other UN members are hardly ever discussed. it is the fault of the usual suspects in the UN-ie fundamentalist islamic states and china and russia who always seem to vote with these assholes or at least refuse to vote against them. ethnic arabs are killing black people becasue they are black and that's the ugly truth no one wants to say.

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