mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens


alexandra elene maclean denny ( sandy denny) 6/ jan/1947- 21/april/ 1978

after halloween/ sandy denny

"Red and gold, and Halloween have passed us by,
The charcoal branches lean against the rosy sky,
You are so far away, yet I could touch you if I may,
But don't you worry now, I'm only dreaming anyway.

You may be lonely, you may be just on your own.
You could be anywhere, someplace that I have known.
But who am I and do we really live these days at all?
And are they simply feelings we have loved and do recall?

Oh the sea has made me cry,
But I love her, too, so maybe I love you.

For tears are only made of salt and water,
And across the waves the sound of laughter.
October it has gone and left me with a song
That I will sing to you although the moment may be wrong.

Could it be the sea's as real as you and I?
I often wonder why I always have to say
I'm only dreaming anyway."

ofra haza nov 19 1957- feb 23 2000

AYELET CHEN / traditional
"Oh, Star of the Morning
In exile, You will be my guiding light,
And at night,
Holding me close to Your bosom,
You bid me drink of Your wine,
Mingling nectars
Drink, dear grooms! Pleasure in your drunkenness
And rouse your senses,
In the palace of the honorable Daughter of Angels
The table is always set for the many.
Cruel fate separated friends and lovers
But my Beloved draws me by Her love
Uniting beauty and grace
And encircled in beauty and grace
Shall I be remembered
Although foreboding clouds may line the sky,
My love will fill my desire.
When passing through the fifty fixed gates of wisdom,
Discerning Leah will push me onward
And with me the love of Rachel for her sons,
I will not sway.
By your sovereign secrets
I will reach the tenth sphere,
Oh Almighty,
Hurry with the salvation
For Your nation
Wrapped in the tranquility of Inner peace,
Our throats are raw
For we the Children of Jacob
The Treasures of Abraham. "

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