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"In the secret parts of Fortune"
lounge act
Lions use baby shampoo- for a tangle-free mane. for managability. they nap like cats and chew like dogs.

i wanted to ask siegfried and goy...so , how do you girls deal with the staggering cat fur problem? ... i mean, with all those white lions and white tigers? that seems like an awful lot of pussy to have lying around the house, shedding on your codpiece , getting tufts of fluff on your black capes.

"Now i fly about in the wind of association:
Now i am a bird of the incorporeal world" - mirza khan, ansari

when they molt, penguins are quite ill-natured. they glare at me and i blow them kisses and tell them how hot they are.

people gamble in the shriek of neon lights and i sit with the black neck swan and make fun of the flamingos.