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justified and ancient feline mau maus

i think i may be the the presence of divinity- apparently Alice's spotted belly and forehead M indicate she is an Egyptian Mau mix. the mau is a direct descendant of the sacred cats of egypt- the emissaries of Bast.

maus are endangered in their home now. egypt is a very poor, crowded country and maus are largely feral, inbred and often destroyed. there is an organization in egypt which runs a shelter and adoption service with the hope of saving the Mau. although we have plenty of homeless cats in need of help here, i think it's important to recognize and revitalize these lovely? and important animals in the land of one of the most remarkable civilizations on earth wherein, at one time, it was a crime punishable by death to harm a cat.

you can give as little as 5 bucks through Paypal. Bast will reward you- i am certain of it. it is those of the greatest faith who love cats.
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