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Ofra Haza - Galbi

probably one of the most amazing voices of the 20th century. ofra haza was that rare breed, hunted to extinction in the middle east-a jewish arab.that's her sampled on MARRS/pump up the volume, erik b and rakim's' paid in full'. she died, apparently, of AIDS under a thick veil of accusations and conspiracies. some say she was murdered by her husband, purposely infected with HIV because of a movie she appears in accusing the israeli government of kidnapping yemeni children.

"It is thought likely that Haza's voice had the most upper harmonic overtones of any singer in history, reaching as many as 32 on some songs".

i dedicate my day of the dead devotions this year to ofra haza 11/19/57-2/23/2000

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I haven't listened to Ofra Haza in a long time. Thanks for posting this... Maybe i'll try playing this or Im Nin Alu tonight for the philistines :-)

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