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one pussy just leads to another, and another...
i may be adding to persia's Legion of Terror Tabbies and Kalicos of Kaos-

an older person (associated with a friend's new job at a wild life sanctuary) has gone into a nursing home leaving 3 white kitties behind. if they are...


i said i'd take them.

oh god....what am i doing!

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ahahaha..must meet new minions!

working on a cat farm...

i was thinking of naming them Blanche,Blanca and Honkie....

i still have to talk to the head of the wildlife center about them-im not sure if theyre boys or girls, age etc as ive been waiting to get his contact info for a week.

it kills me going to angell to refill persia's meds because the adoption center is right there so i have to go in and look at all the wonderful kitties and i want to take the saddest scardest ones home...

still you have to come over anyway-im seriously thinking an ab fab and champagne marathon is a good idea....

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