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"oh, Meursault"/ a post from august

president bush reads "L'etranger" this vay-kay

the first ' adult' book i read in french was ' the stranger' followed by ' the myth of sisyphus'.

i was intensely suicidal at the time and none of it helped to do anything but make me more sure of the eternal realness of my detachment from the rest of humanity.

all it really meant was that i was one fry short of the serial killer happy meal. fortunately , i loathe other humans so much touching them in order to kill then is out of the question. watching them with disgust is all that's left.

for whatever his reasons for reading this book,which simply showcases what hypocritical, navel gazing self absorbed racists the french really are, if he'd like to understand radical muslim mentality he'd be better served reading MEMRI-translations of the anti-semetic nazi rantings of allah's finest serial butchers across the globe-

or for those of you who, unlike the president, can't read without your lips moving, there's MEMRI TV... all the towelheads it's fit to video( and who all suspiciously mouth the same scary 9/11 conspiracy theories as promoted by white turd's 'small change' and michael moore) as they screech continuously about how the holocaust never occured.

what really goes on in islamic dictatorships is mostly there for everyone to see, spread across the internet, ignored by mainstream media, denied by egotistical wack jobs who would rather see themselves in positions of power than have murderous throw backs to the dark ages destroyed. the tribe does not survive when its' own would plot against it instead of against the enemy.

survival is what is important. the truth is what is important. the first job of government ,according to the american constitution, is to protect it's citizens.( ' we the people in order to form a more perfect union establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility. provide for the common defense...' ). lies do not protect the citizens and newspaper editors who print specifics of intelligence work meant to trap terrorist plotters deserve the original punishment for treason- death.

"People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use."- soren kierkegaard

how on earth can we stand for a mainstream media which promotes terrorist propaganda as news by using doctored photos of israeli 'autrocities' manufactured and staged by politically motivated photographers? why wasn't the pulling of thousands of these photos from the main news wires covered more extensively? do you people want to die and see your countrymen murdered just so you can make isreal look bad with strategically placed brand new, dustless teddy bears?

and don't tell me al jeezera doesn't know where OBL is or where every one of their pricisely documented videos of cowardly murder is about to occur. in a country where conspiracy have become like assholes- everyone has one more outlandish and grosser than the next guy- why aren't these jive ass camel fuckers seen for what they are and shut down? osama farts and they have it on tape the next hour. some journalist is kidnapped and beheaded and they have the tape of the execution before the blood dries on the axe. if that's not a conspiracy, i don't know what is. when i worked the dnc they had a pressroom of their own ( although way in the back away from the big boys with anglophile pussies pbs). do you think they would have allowed SSKILLJEW-TV in our country in 1944?( ok maybe at disneyland uncle walt would have...)

would you have believed HitlerTV the way western media seems to slavishly believe al jeezera, hizbullah, hamas and any other primarily anti-israel organization that sympathizes with or has been actively involved in murdering civilians for decades? pushing an old jew in a goddamn wheelchair off the side of a hijacked oceanliner is not, contrary to popular brianwashed american belief, ' freedom fighting'. it's murder carried out by brutal tribal thugs who until fairly recently didn't give a fuck about palestinians. in point of fact, there was never a country called Palestine before the UN 'creation' of israel, which was proceeded by the league of nation's recogniton of it in 1922.

it was the arab states, contrary to popular opinion, who rejected a two nations of israel- one arab and one jewish. arab dictatorships living in the past, dreaming of saladin( who was a kurd for fuck's sake, not an arab nor a 'palestinian'), who never gave a fuck about' palestinians' ( who are ethnically related to jews) until they could use them for political leverege with the west. it was arab states that urged arabs living in israel to leave it and these arab countries that hurded the palestinian arabs into refugee camps, an action not percipitated by anything done in israel. israel is a democracy which has done nothing to limit the rights of any of its citizens, save in the interests of safety- the only reason in a civilized country under the rule of secular law not religious bigotry-, whereas indigenous jews in nearly every islamic country have either been eradicated by those states or rescued by israel( example--yemen, operation magic carpet. ).indeed eradication based on whether one is a suni or shiite is the current genocidal hallmark of the islamic theocracy.

jerusalem/israel as the homeland of the jews was founded in 1312 bc before there was even a mohammad or religion called islam.

a jew named david founded jerusalem which has never been ruled by anyone but jews for over 3,000 years. there has been a continous jewish presence in ' israel ' since the roman forced exile in 70 ad to a point where they were the majority members of many communities.( in muslim controlled areas communities usually had a degree of autonomy- jewish cites ruled themselves as did muslim communities) jews never left israel and indeed migrations back to israel have occured through out history although the land itself was dragged back and forth amid sundry rulers and empires.

the support of ethnic and religious nazis who refuse to follow the geneva conventions or even basic human rights within their arcs of power and are allowed to break every international convention and every un resolution and get away with it is morally bankrupt. people who are not lebanese have an illegal military presence, funded by syria and iran, armed undoubtably by china and north korea,in lebanon the country itself cannot or will not remove even though ordered to do so when israel pulled out of southern lebanon the first time. it's as if a canadian militia were aiming rockets at boston from an enclave in new hampshire. why is everyone BUT ' the jews' suppose to turn the other cheek? why are muslims because they are muslims, even if they are from known terrorist organizations, not held accountable for their violations of international law? why are they allowed to ethnically cleanse territories they force themselves upon? it reminds me of hitler scooping up every country around him that he claimed at least 2 germans were living in. the ' west' ignored that and look what fucking happened. appeasement equals death. it is a fatal mistake.

it's merely anti-semitism, apart from the state of israel, which is a smokescreen that not so effectively masks the truth of muslim intentions. having it's own even lengthier hatred of jews, the western european world ,save for the political arm of america ,is right up on that tip- as mel gibson said'- fucking jews'- every war ,every problem is due to them.

early followers of muhammad allowed for religious freedom in its' conquered territories and as those territories were generally found to be inhabited by many jews the two cultures were intertwined and cooperative.( what muslin scholars like to omit from this relatively truthful picture is that nonmuslim's were indeed second class citizens who were forced to pay a tax because they weren't muslim.) in fact southern spain was controlled by moors and jews who occupied all the administrative offices because we're smarter than you all crackers.

lebanon was one of the earliest christian communities in the world. through syrian agitation and outright action , the non muslim lebanese have been marginalized and driven from their own country, having no representation anymore in the syrian controlled government and being blamed, somewhat like the jews, for lebanon's economic woes and strife. of course our best friends, the french, were the colonial power to start fucking with lebanon and syria, leaving a complete fucking mess behind. the lebanon was the paris of the middle east. i dated someone who's father was an oil company employee. she spent her childhood dragged around the middle east, having to be kept in fenced, guarded compounds for their own safety( her young brother, who jumped the fence,was chased through the streets by arabic pederasts and had to be rescued by their armed guards.). her dad married a ,naturally, stunning lebanese runway model back when the major couture shows were held in new york, paris, milan and lebanon. you'd never know it now because muslim extremists, primarily from other countries ,have decimated the christian population, destroyed the economy and get away with claiming all the woes of the lebanon are due to jews rather than muslim psychos who are responsible for the deaths of more muslims, more innocent 'civilians' in their countries than any and all other outside religious or ethnic groups put together.

you want to destroy a country, it's economy, it's history of freedom and advancement of its intellectual life-it's spiritual and human prosperity- put a mullah in charge. it's sad, that it used to be the other way around- get rid of the christians and no one was killing the jews or stopping the advancement of knowledge and science. the only reason we have copies of ancient greek works- unbelievably important relics, the very foundations of our western civilization- is because the arabs copied and saved them while the monks were destroying them.

i suppose this seems odd coming from me- i am a pagan sufi. the roots of islam , like the roots of christianity and judaism come from goddess worship. the love songs of the sufi poets which appear to be romantic and addressed to living mortal humans are in fact devotions to the goddess disguised to save the poets from accusations of heresy. the rock at mecca is an ancient goddess worship site. the intense hatred of women and jews evinced by modern ' radical' islamists is impotent rage at the truth- sophia is female.( as is the home of the torah). sufis are suppressed and killed in islamic countries. you can find tirades against them online. the assassins killed only males as did the thugs of india. it was within the rights of their religion to do so- only blood of the mothers taints you as a murderer instead of one who sacrifices. sufis'/pagans sacrifice themselves and submit to the female, the mother. submitting to the mortal human male in his quest for mortal power over other humans is the root of all that eats away at our being. it is the very definition of the word evil.

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