mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

soccer practice

so now that i will never leave my cat cave again, i might as well get cable or satellite tv again. i think it was about 3-4 years ago that i threw the cable box at comcast when they showed up at my door as having bought my then current cable provider. so i tossed the box at their heads. but now with 50 inches of hi definition mind numbing clarity, i need something to look at.

so if anyone out there has any, i'm taking suggestions. if you go by on line reviews, comcast, direct tv and dish all suck and have horrible nightmare stories associated with them. i had a few little issues with comcast when i had it but nothing major. when i lived in allston, i never had a problem with cablevision and they had better programming then when i moved to cambridge and got whatever asslick company was sovereign across the puddle at the time.

so far 2 people have suggested dish and they are the only company that has al jazeera and farsi tv for persia. all the french programming, however, is geared toward people from french colonies ie the Caribbean. cable does not have these selections , it seems, as either you watch sports or you're latino/spanish speaking which is disturbing in itself. they should gear packages toward people who like music or history or speak fucking english and/or are western european and would like more of such programming from europe- anything but fucking sports and bad mexican soaps. i know the guys at work get direct tv so they can watch soccer 24 hours a day on the weekend. persia would like to watch camel races and hysterical ranting mullahs 24/7, thank you. i'd like more british tv so i can understand more french and saunders references.

anyway ,i'd appreciate any commentary. i do live in a building with metal siding which may count as a ' large metallic object' that would make a dish not really work. and i'm not sure if the southern sky is obscured.

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