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floricita rockera
well it's off to the People's Other More Correct Republic( angell refused to put persia's full name-persia mohammad persia- into their records. off with their fucking heads! so some sheep fucking, jew hating, misogynistic child molester is probably named mohammad too and you let him keep his name. i know she's a cat but her name IS persia mohammad persia, jp honkie trash.) to refill little miss poop wand's meds.

i've been so tired i've been pushed beyond sleep. i thought i'd crack sooner than i did- trying to scan things at the stop'n shop at 6am( because i've no food in the house, there's no food food in the bakery and they've no cashiers on at that hour )and i was yelling at the computer screen-" just shut the fuck up! just shut the fuck up! ". how i loathe uppity back talking technology. fortunately ,i was in somerville, where they're used to that sort of talk, and a nice lady helped me. 2 weeks. 160 hours. i'm starting to think i forgot how to sleep.

i was suppose to be working on a dj night- yes a dj night- focused on punk rock(for lack of better terms), female musicians and getting the fuck away from emo trash and technotots destroying whatever is left of ' alternative culture' but death,illness, and work have all intervened.

what on earth am i doing with my life? work work work. for what? i don't know. to take care of the girls for certain but it's getting in the way of my life. i suppose i put it there and you have to pay the rent, unless you have parents or someone else with money to allow you to be peter pan your whole fucking life.

work isn't so much making me dull as making me disconnected and deadpan about nearly everything.

that's it- i'm getting a big screen tv. i'm going to smoke crack and beat the pets- because, what else is there left to do?.

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(Deleted comment)
fun? merry making? clapping?

persia says i should be spiritually satisfied by raking her litter box alone.....

i have to go to work today....i don't believe this. drinking mad dog 20/20 out of a paper bag under the bu bridge is starting to sound like a good career choice....

2 gothlettes did find me in th tv aisle at best buy last night so i sort of had a going out experience. i went home and fell asleep, raking the cat litter first of course .

(Deleted comment)
i'm so sorry- i haven't seen you in forever. more crack money i tell myself. more crack money.
like persia doesn't have enough eunuchs- just like liza - and she beats them too!
i really want' c'est comme ca'- and i know it's on youtube .
i've been pricing and looking at tvs with what little spare time i've had. the buzzing of my tv is really getting to be too much. i'm pretty sure i know which one i want but i dont think getting one on line is such a good idea even though amazon has them for cheap with no shipping charge- it sounds like their shippers havebeen dribbling them like 50 inch wide basketballs . so it's off to the' burban mall....let's see how much HAL can take.

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