mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

Totally Nude Girls

what is it about the american need, although rather crassly implimented, to experience other cultures in a controlled identifiable environment? theyre so good natured and eager but willingly admit there limitations- as long as a bud lite is available theyll try anything with a certain goofy well meaning bravado.

there's venice las vegas and paris las vegas and teddy bears dressed as roman legionnaires- all accompanied by margaritas in eiffle tower shaped glasses. i want to hate it but how can i?

i cried in the liberace museum as blue rinsed old ladies got all choked up over their gay idol who died from aids- and i loved every minute of his over the top campy-ness because beneath it all was a sincere effort to please and entertain people- to just be remembered as a good, generous person. all the proceeds from the museum go to scholarhips...and how than you not love the amazing transendant beauty of all those rhinestones so painfully sewn on every outrageous cape under the watchful eye no doubt of the hysterical tyrannt queen who envisioned them and created an icon of flamboyant homosexuality for straight laced poodle loving old ladies.

he had a monstrance and a virgin mary encrusted in rhinestones!!! ive seen the largest rhinestone in the world...and it made me happy.

i was happy to be away from home, what i supposed were my friends . so goodbye but youre no longer part of my life....and that's really that.

of course those who this does not apply to are well aware of it. kiss the girls for me, i may be delayed.
save your head, im coming home.

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