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a question for ' the ladies' only
what is it about a small LADY persian cat with a moustache that makes females all so swoony?

"oh oh look at her moustache!!! isn't she sweet !!! squeal!!!!!"

and that was from more than one person as i carried her highness into angell for her check up sans cat carrier because Madam choose to, uh ,soil her prayer rug and i had to try to remove it from the carrier, on the jamaica way ,with one hand. persia opted to bolt out from the carrier and then somehow shifted HAL into neutral and proceeded to the back seat in order to wail and puke until we got to the hospital. poor long suffering HAL.

so i decided to just carry her into angell and that's when the cooing and swoony behavior began and everyone was filled with awe and wonder at her moustache.

she was terribly annoyed that they allow ferrets in the cat waiting area.

her check up was fine. her medications seem to be doing what they're suppose to do.

so tell me, what is it about moustachioed lady cats of middle east descent?

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They be hot hoochies.

You know that.
I know that.

Did we just get served?

i just noticed the many mistakes i made in that post. ugh. i was up all night making cheesecake squares- 9000 of the fucking things.

the minute i walked in with Miss Bitch Magnet in full effect, 5 girls rushed at me. usually when you go into angell with, say, a wounded giraffe in drag in your arms, they completely ignore you at reception . there always seem to be a million people fluttering around the desk doing nothing. you have to charge the desk stand on it and go go dance, waving your credit card to get them to even look at you.

but bring lady cat with moustache in you arms and the 'ho parade starts.

That's a lot of cheesecake squares.

I'm very, very happy for you that everything worked out!

and i have to go make more soon-arg!

of course it will allow me to leave the house to eat- when i eat at home miss moustache attempts to devour everything on my plate and im so wrapped up in guilt about what happened that i dont want to deny her anything.

i'm just a hapless pawn of the pussiarchy.

(Deleted comment)
... well, as long as you're not a ferret....
...and she does make me call her ' sir'...

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