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i see bad pirates i see drunk pirates

i am not sure if it bodes all together well that the first thing i see starting out this long weekend is a drunk middle age man with a shiny silver peg instead of a foot or shoe tittering along the dark night sidewalks of cambridge and nearly falling off said sidewalk directly in front of HAL. fortunately Pirate Metallica( oh, come on Lars, you wont possibly sue me for that...)was hauled back to safety by some woman trying to guide him homeward.

pirates are like language, a virus from outer space, and they have to be stopped. i don't care how cute johnny depp is, i am sick the fuck of goddamn pirates. not that this gentleman was a pirate but that shiny peg reminded me that i hate fucking pirates. they have even infected drag shows at jacques.

nothing is sacred anymore.

if we're going to do butch drag couldn't we have , say, german submariners a la Das Boot?- they have better musical taste then pirates, that's for sure. but no, we get uninspired cowboys and emo ' pirates' in historically inaccurate costumes and ... fucking sandals and also in, get this, western cowboy boots. i didn't know pirates sailed the fanciiful sea of dust that cuts through the deep, deep heart of texas.

it's come to a point in time where all real art ( and good drag is art of the highest form as is all effective self transformation) must become violently aggressive in order to get any meaning across- through the thick skulls of swine who think pirates are sexy and that drag is parody primarily wherein nothing could be farther from the truth.

so seeing Mr.Lady crawl over tables and climb over people to Garbage nearly made me cry. ok , first, ' to Garbage'. about fucking time. for fucks sake, the woman has written songs about drag and androgyny- what the fuck more do you people want?

(mr. lady/ ben appears twice-around jpg 028 and again at jpg 258)

hard ass rock and roll chicks who can out drink you and who will stab you if you piss them off are a hell of a lot sexier than sub par imitations of hollywood's idea of pirates. and if you're not going to BECOME what you are attempting to project through drag or you're not passionate about it , there is no point to what you're doing besides showing off how besotted you are with yourself- like momma's boys who can't accessorize left alone in mommy's closet for an afternoon and coming out wearing one of her bras on your head.

anyway, all this again to say - i hate fucking pirates but Mr. Lady is hot and sadly left our shores so soon after his return.

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