mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

Iranian leader returns to harem...

Persia's coming home!

her thyroid has in all probability caused unfortunately irreversible changes in the walls of her heart. this caused the respiratory distress. they have medication for both problems- the hyper thyroid and the heart disease it caused- but it is rather serious considering her age. i will have to watch her carefully but no matter what as long as she's comfortable and not in pain i would rather have her home with me.

if you can scare up the money or perhaps do without crack cocaine or cheap hookers for a weekend, get your cat/s screened regularly for kidney disease and thyroid problems. this is something never suggested to me in all my cat owning years and in all my trips to the vet. my girls have always been healthy- hell, Co lived to 20 however these two problems if caught early can save your beloved puss, cost a lot less money then flying in on the heels of an emergency and offer more treatment options. the fact is you wouldn't know these were present problems unless their progress was advanced enough for your pet to have a drastic episode which would indicated that serious damage was done.

so i was planning on this no matter what- considering that sunday is my birthday and especially once i became completely over the brink about persia -

time to drown those problems in alcohol and bitter commentary about other patrons at the club formally called Man Gay....TONIGHT

come and clap along with honkey. you know you want to...

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