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harried update
the good news is that persia mohammad does not have cancer-something they were very worried about. she's still at angell. I'm off to see her again as i went yesterday to visiting hours and stroked her chin for a half hour. she seemed stable and tired.

she has a little dog friend named sparkle in the cage bellow her who i made promise he would watch p-mo's back.

they drained fluid off her lungs- this is what was causing her respiratory distress and now they're testing to find the cause of it. they think it's related to her thyroid, which they are going to begin treating. they're going to take a closer look at her heart.

so have to run. persia is treating her ward staff to cookies today.

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Good on the no big C thing....and I hope they can figure out what happened so that she can be home soon and among her minions (though I am sure she has gained several new recruits)

instantly, she pulled in several new harem hoochies with her beguiling web of seduction.

now that she's given them a big box of cookies on top of her obviously irresitable charms, the entire facility has been enslaved.

today she seemed much better, was far more alert and was hoovering up food like a lumberjack.theyre going to test her heart and look at her lungs again. im so anxious to have her home and the ladies who are all freaked out.i have cats velcroed to my side the minute i get home.

i got to see pit bull puppies born a few cages over.persia is very unnerved by the big dogs who are caged right next to her- at least she's well enough now to notice..

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