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please pray for persia mohammad persia, may her name be praised
persia is right now in angell memorial under observation.

i woke up today after a particularly distressing dream of persia caught in a mouse glue trap. i was further freaked by her not coming out to eat - she always comes to see me when i get up and fed and water ' the ladies'. she was hiding under the futon and refused to come to me , something she never refuses. she was breathing hard and then was wheezing. she was fine the night before.

i loaded her in HAL and rushed over to the mspca. the doctor seems to think it has something to due with her thyroid and they're keeping her for observation. they all have fell in love with her in the span of about 20 minutes. in truth, she is the most amazing cat i have ever known. i'm sure all my friends who know her will agree to her specialness,her kindness, her munificent and sweet nature, and her graceful beauty.

please send her encouragement and love. she is so special to me.she has always taken the best care of me.

her daughter sylvia bint persia mohammad persia is temporarily in charge of the universe.

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i will take a photo of her tomorrow when i vist with a copy of that days' paper to dispell any rumours...

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