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i am so in love with these chicks it isn't even a bit funny. i would have paid good money to see them shove an 808 up any member of depeche mode's ass( ' just can't get enough ' of THIS, eh....)- they were so so so so fucking ahead of every fucking one along with DAF. pop fucking music ( which, on it's own ,i like, mind you... just don't call it industrial. please. just stop.) a la vince clark's bastard child ruined ' industrial/ alternative' and paved the way for NIN to further corrupt misinformed youth that it was progressive instead of regressive- backsliding to the point of rolling over and obscuring all the great industrial/ electronic innovators.

this is too cool for you- sorry, you know it is... these are some fine bitches- i get all woozy when some stern fraulein in black starts barking at me in german and moving all angular like Sprockets...i mean, this was 1982 and were you even born yet is the question.

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