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el hombre invisible
an excellent album that disappeared from my life 10 years ago has been found and arrived here from canada yesterday. i have been searching for it for years- "Manapsara/Queer- a soundtrack to a novel by William S Burroughs " on the more than fabulous Sub Rosa label.( what WAS it about belgium in the late 1980's? they had it so going on and a bag o' chips.) clearly, it's been out of print almost from the instant it was released. magical stuff. music with a purpose. telling a story. music like a novel, unfolding. an emotive, almost subtle industrial dream.

seems too much to ask nowadays, although it's scarcity proves how under appreciated it was at the time.

some things you are never going to find on itunes....

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While trying to put all my books on Vox, amazon couldn't find Gore Vidal! Whats the deal??

maybe they're not in print now... could be. ( his newer books are fucking horrible. i think his mind is gone...)the used books on amazon's site are all from independant used book dealers( and i've heard the used book store dealers i go to in boston complain about amazon's treatment of them as members of the amazon ' marketplace') and i have a feeling amazon wants to make all the money itself from this enterprise so it will only find books amazon itself sells new. amazon itself does not sell used books.

Manapsara. I have the Marketplace/Routine 12" but i've never seen a full length LP before. Good find!

yeah that single( marketplace/routine) is based on the lp and is more widely available. now i know you have to snap these things up when you see them

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