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pinin' for the fjords.
i am not meant for this weather. now i have to go into a poorly- to- not air conditioned bakery.

le pant. le heave. le pant . le heave....

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I will bring the helmet with the horns and join you :)

even your' asian friend with benefits' was sitting square in front of the ac making chirping noises as the cold air rushed through her whiskers...i mean she is from thailand after all i thought they like it hot and pad thai spicey....

i of course was lying stretched out on the bed whimpering...the side of my head was a thumpin' like an out of tune german oompah band.. and i think i changed tshirts 40 times.

Listen you. I want to put something together, wherever, where you and I forge a House and Industrial / Electronic nite.

Something. Anything. I think nowadays we could seriously warp minds in a very, very good way.

What say you?

i'd be into it like white on rice...i certainly have the tunes but i'd have to get my chops back-it's been a while.

it's always important to bend impressionable young minds to the dark side of ' what the fuck was that!!????'

Hokay! I'll be at Ceremony on Monday, Nate asked me to spin as he's going to be out of the Country.

Seriously, you're incredible, your knowledge is incredible, and I'm all about the vibe, not the genre. So dust of those mittens, and let's see how many minds we can detonate!

OOOH...hey..I might actually show up ifn ya do that. I am not usually cool enough to know the dj's..but akmed is way too cool for the school and I wouldn't miss it :)

i'll just bring the record crate marked ' incredibly gay disco'( ie blackadder reference) as it is ceremony afterall...but persia has suggested that sound effects lp recorded in a metal manufacturing plant...

You mean....what did they used to call it, industrial?? ;)

yes i think that before depeche mode got those cute matching sweaters from vince clark there were crazy people who used to let ' er rip with a bridgeport lathe..of all things...imagine...

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