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up all night

so i was at work from 3pm friday until nearly 9am saturday. i was feeling right cranky for myself about this and very tired. but, somewhere, somehow you know someone else is having a worse fucking day than you are.

and so it was right in front of my house.

hal and i where driving down western ave , grateful to be almost home, when a slew of police cars and fire trucks loomed before us, apparently in front of the club. they had the streets closed off all around my house. i nearly fainted- it looked like there was a fire at my apartment . immediately, i'm almost hyperventilating thinking of the girls trapped in the apartment and me at fucking work all night.

i dumped poor, faithful hal and ran down the street to find a massive car accident- air bags deployed, gas spilled everywhere and someone had to be cut out of their car. some tool with a suspended license had run a red light( my street corner is very bad for this kind of typical Masshole behavior. there's an accident or fender bender there at least once every 2 weeks in the summer.)he creamed some poor woman and drove her car into 2 of my neighbors parked vehicles and also somehow managed to side swipe a van. she was screaming so loud someone heard her a block away. i think she's ok and they arrested mr going no where fast. he's so fucked.

i think it's only something understood in a black neighborhoods or somewhere populated by immigrants from countries with totalitarian governments that you must watch the police at all times. you don't know if they're going to even show up and when they do you watch who they arrest. a haitian woman was sort of freaking out that they cuffed the asswipe that caused the accident because in her country when the police do that it never means anything good or that an actual criminal has been caught. we had to assure her that the guy had managed to total 3- 4 cars and send one women to the hospital all because he ran a red light ( reckless endangerment) and that he was driving on a suspended license, which is a crime. ( he was white, by the way.)

so hal was perhaps saved ,as i may just have been parked at the epicenter of this stupid act of violence if i hadn't worked around the clock and i think walking from a side street to my house might be healthful anyway. i also realized that there are people in the neighborhood who are looking out for things and making sure the right things are done and you lose that sense of community in the city and in the world we find ourselves in now.

that and i have a pet wild turkey at work. do not tell persia. under no circumstances tell persia about my turkey.

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