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holly gogothly
i guess it should come as no surprise that some people at work appear to call me 'Creepy', hopefully in the same loving manner in which mulder was called 'Spooky' on 'the x files'.

this little tidbit comes from someone i personally nick named' boo hoo biscuits' because she once burst into tears when i had refused to make 3 biscuits for an order she had forgot to place with the bakery. we have a ' mr. t' ( who is female- now that's fucking frightening and creepy...), several 'prince putty butts', one 'lipless lesbian' and' batman and robin'. the manager that ' likes to go for a ride in the car' ( that is, any excuse to take the company van for a spin) is' Puppy ' and, naturally, the guy with 6 fingers on each hand is '6 Fingers' (yes, the toes match. i asked.).

they call the guy from mexico , 'mexico ' because they're all from colombia and they forget his name and we briefly had a Tickhead because the kid had contracted lyme disease.

before this turns into 44 lines about 44 food service employees , i'll just leave with this- i think the central square police station is on fire...

mmmmm. bacon !

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Any entry that incorporates "boo boo biscuits" and "bacon" wins in my book as one of the best livejournal entries ever.

... and it's all just making me hungry now...unfortunately i couldnt figure out how to fit Wavy Gravy in there .

you know i miss you but i take it you havent been going out much anymore.

Nope. Sort of been hermitizing a bit...does not mean I cannot visit you and your fa-boo-lust ladies soon :)

they were mentioning how you haven't come over to see their new... err.. 'etchings'...although to be perfectly frank i dont think they have any and may have hoochie spanky motives.

cats are such pigs.

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