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pagan love song
you fell out of some woman's snatch and you're sure as hell going to keel over and die someday and be sucked into another one.

' oh, mother of pearl/lustrous lady from another world.'

i am always taken aback by the flagrant homophobia of the so called goth/industrial community that has been constructed around people who weren't yet ripped from momma's teat and allowed out after dark, let alone into bars ,during the first wave of goth/industrial. for all you closet dykes and insecure pussy ass homos in hiding, most of the original ' alternative' and goth dance music nights in boston were in gay bars. this always meant we'd get to hear actual genetic females sing songs, unlike in the heavy duty butch atmosphere of latter days that caters only to men who are so bedeviled by penile size inhibitions and not so subliminal urges to suck someone else's cock which encourages the spinning of other closet case males whining incessantly about uppity bitchy pussy ( re: 3 inch nails) or mad max fagulas barking out teutonic sterile versions of old technodisco songs all the better to stomp along to hitler youth style.

this is because the female is equated, ironically, with gay, a sort of transubstantiation that allows ' straight' males to adore other men and not appear faggy. it reminds me of the 'strangers with candy' episode wherein jerri's secret make out partner won't be seen with her in public because' having a girlfriend is gay'. you know, you can listen to a female sing and not have the urge to be anally probed by another man- not that nitzer ebb doesn't make you feel that way anyhow, and rightly so.

not that we ever get to hear nitzer ebb because even though they're relatively all butch and germanic and hard, they are kind of gay.

the mainstream media's ignoring female performers and real artists unless they're dick sucking preteen blonde man made automatons has been pretty standard for decades. people who consider themselves ' counterculture' and ' alternative' who behave the same way are lying to themselves. your hatred of the gay unless it's 2 ' lesbians' blindly pawing each other for your amusement is based in your own fear of yourself and your desires. it's also based in this mad hatred of the female that has poisoned all of the worlds' cultures to the point of apocalypse.

the only reason radical muslims who behead women for not wearing the veil and execute male athletes for wearing shorts are ' protected' and excused by the 'liberal' female hating west as opposed to being viewed as the fucking evil nazis they are( and blown off the face of mother earth) is that in a sense they confirm all your anglo saxon prejudices and fears- that females are powerful, that god is female and you are not , that in the eternal cosmic scheme of things you are a powerless nothing and that sex and sexuality is power, the power of the individual to create themselves, not the power of some to dominate or be dominated by others .we're drowning in this misery of misplaced values and the insidious hatred of your Mother that it's taken us nearly 2000 years to move away from- a dead god dominated globe of industrial waste wherein life is worthless as the last limp lazy remake of a new order song.

' mom's coming back soon/ mom's coming back to put it back the way it ought to be'

'oh mother of pearl/ i wouldn't trade you for another girl....'

it's always a nice day to be indigenous. i'm a celt. we're pagans. we're the ' american indians of europe'. we came to the new world before columbus. the romans were all freaked out by our sexual freedom even though they were the biggest cock suckers on the face of the earth. our women were warriors.

we haven't gone away. we want to hear nico. we want to hear songs in languages other than english. we were goths while your culture was busy destroying all physical remnants of our culture and envisioning the world as flat with the earth in the center. you made our goddesses whores and devils while elevating the real whores and devils, replicas of your own sweet selves, to divinity.

walk like a phoenician....or learn how. you'll be needing the ability at the cross roads.

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Boy, you sure are on pissed off lil bastard.

of course those who have no thoughts of their own, angry or otherwise, resort to what they assume are belittling personal insults instead of perhaps ' sharing' opinions and observations associated with the content of what they bravely and anonymously pretend to be commenting on.

but i've come to associate this behavior from the backward offspring of self absorbed americans who insult instead of retort and who probably could call up more rage toward their malfunctioning ipod then the mass slaugter of human beings because they happen to be gay or female or simply disagree with some hitlarian mullah.

the world is going to hell, societies, including western society are flirting with complete collapse-nothing to get all bothered about especially if tivo didnt record your program or live journal was down for maintanence for 5 minutes.

it's a common ploy of what only can be termed oppressors who, eager to uphold the status quo, or, more often then not, completely ignorant of their own personal cog like role in said status quo, can only comment on observations concerning prejudice and injustice as 'angry', thinking that this act of dismissiveness is proof of the illegitamcy of any claims of moral wrong doing or hypocracy.

and my parents were married long before i was even conceived ... not that i think it matters whether they were or not.

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