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cicciolina for francia francia

ok so i am not exactly a sports person, as we know, but i work with all south americans and one mexican and they're rabid about the whole world cup thing. i put up the game charts so we could keep score. everyone wanted brazil to win because, of course ,colombia and el salvador are never going to win the fucking world cup. StrongBad and i were rooting for mexico and france to everyone else's horror.

but we're the only ones from world cup winning countries -he's from mexico, i'm from france- and i had no idea the french had maybe one of the greatest soccer players alive. lucky they had all those colonies so they could load up on those black and island boys for their team because whitie seems to lame out on the soccer tip.

this all reminded me of pop will eat itself's world cup theme-'touched by the hand of cicciolina' ,probably the best sports song ever.

if you don't know who cicciolina is, you should. you really should. she's a hungarian hard core porn actress who offered to sleep with saddam hussein of he would stop acting like a psycho bitch. she won a seat in the italian parliament and did not hide that she was a porn actress. in fact , she usually showed her tits at her speeches.

and you can't argue with this sort of reasoning- makes more sense then anything coming out of either house of congress-

"My breasts have never done anyone any harm, while bin Laden's war has caused thousands of victims." -- October 2002

france will win the world cup- succeeding at something of an international nature without the USA and England having to help them.

and persia mohammad persia's six nipples have never done anyone any harm, while soccer clearly causes all sorts of violent deadly behavior.

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