mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

o moon of alabama...

"Long ago, if my memory serves me well ,my life was a banquet where everyone's heart was generous and all wines flowed.

one evening i pulled beauty down onto my knees- i found her embittered and i cursed her.

i took arms against justice.

i ran away.o witches poverty and hate- i have confided my treasure in you.

i was able to expel from my mind all human hope. on every form of joy, in order to strangle it it, i pounced stealthily like a wild animal.

i called my executioners to let me bite the ends of their guns,as i died.
i called all plagues to stifle me with sand and blood. disaster was my god. i stretched out on mud. i dried myself in criminal air. i played clever tricks on insanity......" ( une saison en enfer- a. rimbaud.)

then i thought- we'll just fuck it- i'm going to the liberace museum. i'll float on a glittering sea of exquisite bitchery then i'll get real fucked up and hang out with whores- one of them is bound to have a heart of gold out in the desert sidewinding , snake- youre burnt then its cold i know that dry air staring at the prairie dogs digging in the that burrow
dont fall from the sky- im not icarus. melt into the city of lights.

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