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"jaguar said the dog looked tasty"
i'm on a mission. again. persia mohammad persia, in her infinite wisdom,- may her name be praised-has decided i must visit the jaguar cubs at the stone zoo.

cubs. oh, youth, corruptible youth. persia and her minions are legion.

it's very hard to drive to and from work every day with that sign , blaring at me- "JAGUAR CUBS! "


i want one of these kittens of the sun....

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You should have two so it isn't lonely and in case Persia rises up and declares war on the bigger kitties.

the scary thing is i have a feeling about the Divine Miss P -being that she'd turn any of the bigger cats into her hapless pawn. seriously. she already has me completely whipped.

all creation appears to be made of Her drooling fawning syncopats.persia is great!

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