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'mother, i can feel the soil pouring over my head'
sai fon
in keeping with her curmudgeonly yet mystical mystique, Ms. 'Co, just like jesus, died on Good Friday.

right now, i'm going to take her home to Her Mother, the backyard of my mother.

the Resurrection will be by invitation only. proper dress required( read : 'no Frat Drag'. no Angoras)go go dancing on xtascy and special k to girlie house music highly suggested. feel free to drink out of everyone else's glass just like 'Co always loved to.

i'm burying my best friend- best friend for 20 years. i have to go before i cannot stop crying and won't be able to see to drive.

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Oh I am so sorry....I can offer all sort of platitudes, hugs, etc..and you know they are meant, but you gave her a long and great life...she was a lucky girl to have you and you were equally lucky to have her.

thank you. as i said wens., i knew she was dying and i knew friday when i got up she was going to die that day. it was time- the poor dear was tired, blind and weak. i think she was hanging on for me. it was only right to give her back.

i was greeted by a gigantic bunny with a big poofy cotton tail when i stumbled through the back yard to find and dig her grave. this seemed most auspicious- she certainly won't, as they say, be alone out there.it was like call of the wild- all sorts of creatures and her gal pal Isobel, with whom she grew up , is buried there.

everything is always better and easier when accompanied by a big poofy cotton tail, especially on easter sunday.

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