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charlie is love.

we can all learn a little something from the Manson Girls.

hippies suck and they always have. they are murderous clap ridden scum bags. even when they ' reform' it's because they ' find' jesus which means they still sit in self righteous judgement of the rest of the world of ' pigs' who they and their saviour will eventually stick a fork in.

beware of people who want to fit in. these are usually the ' free spirits' who are always ranting at the top of their lungs about how they never want to fit in . they'll kill you and your unborn child the second they think some unwashed convict will love them and make them one of ' charlie's girls ' , giving head in the inner circle of the spahn ranch( which is up for sale. no takers, though. even cielo drive, rebuilt and price slashed, sits empty except when some little dick bitter loser who thinks he's bad wants to record an album.fucking tool. just another one of charlie's girls.)

california , true home of all hippies, sucks for getting rid of the death penalty. there's no reason on earth or in the bible why the real charlie and his girls shouldn't have been fried like bacon for what they did- and it was a lot more than is reflected by what they were originally convicted for. kill the real fucking pigs. instead, charlie is a ' counter culture' icon even for asshole industrial musicians who ,after all, are just fucking hippies who are tone deaf and can't get laid.(charlie got more pussy than you- a ha ha ha- probably still does!- and, like you, he had that haunting, lingering aroma of closet fag.) and the girls have mostly found jesus. one of them even runs his website. to this day.

but hippies do make very nice embroidery.

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